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ESWC135C50SHC2 Chiller Operating Manual pdffile

135RT Water Cooled Screw Chiller Installation


Water Cooled HC Screw Chiller 45RT to 415 RT, ESWC Series

HC Screw Chiller

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Air Cooled HC Screw Chiller 77RT to 172 RT, ESAC Series

Air Cooled R290 Screw Chiller

Product Catelogue and techinical specification pdf icon

ESWC or ESACHydrocarbon series designed using Semi- Hermetic Screw compressor. System designs consist of several systems and every system operated by single compressor. It further reduces the refrigerant gas charge amount and increases the feasibility of easy maintenance and servicing.
Screw compressor –deploy to serve the main compression drive to ESWC Hydrocarbon Chiller, low noise level, high EER and high reliability and tested in many applications. The electrical termination point is sealed by fire rating insulation. Series HC1 which is utilizing the HC-12a as refrigerant further reduce extremely high-pressure hazard if compares to system using HC-22a and HFC R410a.
Chiller capacity control design is based on number of compressor and the control step from thermostat controller. Other safety gadget to protect the chiller system is flow rate sensor, pressure switch, anti-freeze sensor and HC leak detector.



High-efficiency Motor
*Available for part winding start or star delta start
*Custom-made for specified voltage and frequency
of power
*Two options A&B motor for RC2-100~RC2-930. Four
options A1, A2 & B1, B2 motors for RC2-1020 ~1530.
*Optimal slot design for passage of refrigerant inside
motor casing
*Refrigerant flows through outside of motor winding to
provide the most efficient motor cooling

*Sliding-fit stator easier for installation and removal


Part-load Effective Economizer Operation
*Enhance cooling capacity as well as energy efficiency
*Sustain optimum medium pressure by vapor injection through
specially-designed slots in slide valve and compression casing
*Effective under partial load and full load


Dual Capacity Control
*Flanged-on solenoid coil easy for installation
*3-step / 4-step or continuous (33%~100% / 25%~100%)
capacity control system
*Interchangeable by varying control logic without modification
of solenoid valves


Durable Bearing Structure
*High-quality bearings
(radial and axial resistance)
*Additional bearing for backward
*Heavy-duty design
*Longer bearing life compared to traditional 9-bearing design


High-performance Integral Oil Separator
*Detachable demister for cleaning
*Finer size of mesh
*Low pressure drop and oil carry-over
*Three-staged oil separation (RC2-1020~RC2-1530)


Complete Protection & Accessories
1. Motor temperature sensor (optional)
“Built-in” Pt100 or Pt1000 installed in motor winding
Accurately registers motor temperature
Controller can precisely initiate liquid injection to motor accordingly
2. Discharge Temperature Thermistor & Motor Temperature Thermistor
Totally integrated
Effectively protect compressor in advance when any abnormal alarm occurs
3. Liquid Injection and Oil Cooler Function (Port & Stop Pin)
Both available on every Hanbell screw compressor
4. Oil Level Switch
Ensure sufficient lubricant in compressor for better lubrication,
capacity control, cooling and sealing
5. Heater (150W & 300W)
Increase lubricant’s flow-ability when compressor restarts after
long-term stop
6. Connection for Pressure Differential Switch
Easily detect clog in oil filter
Assure effective capacity modulation and lubrication

Other Advantages
*Low noise level and minimum vibration
*Fewer quantity of parts in screw
compressor than those in reciprocating
*Easy for maintenance and overhaul
*Compact geometry, easy for layout
Approval and Certification
*Production by SOP conformed to major quality standards
*Approved by ISO 9001-2000, UL, CE(PED), Electronic Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres (EX, China), Lloyd’s Register (vessel), Symbol of Excellence in Taiwan

Please propose your chiller based on Occupancy and Location Classification as shown below


Please label the chiller room with Flammability Sign and also on the chiller body.




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